Omega Auto Care Reviews: Caring for Your Automotive Battery

Omega Auto Care Reviews: “Omega has great customer service, their staff is quick and reliable. When I needed a new battery for my GMC Yukon they were swift in getting me a new one.” -Nancy Perez, satisfied Omega Auto Care customer

At one point, vehicle owners will have to replace their automotive batteries. This is because automotive batteries have a finite life. Some manufacturers claim that automotive batteries can last a few years but this isn’t always a guarantee. The truth is, there are a variety of factors that can affect your vehicle’s battery life.

First, the possibility for manufacturing defects cannot be ruled out. While such cases are rare, they nevertheless happen, forcing car owners to shell out as high as $200 for a new battery. Fortunately, most manufacturing defects will begin to show in the first few months so car owners can find some protection with their warranty; but like the life of automotive batteries, this layer of protection is also finite and limited in nature.

On the other hand, non-manufacturing defects are also a risk as well. The general wear and tear, negligence, and discharge of batteries may also be a contributing factor in battery failure. When blue-colored residue is found on the battery during an inspection, for example, this is usually a tell-tale sign that the battery is at the tail end of its life and will thus encounter some trouble starting the vehicle. A “dying” battery may also result from loose and broken cables, in which case, this may easily be fixed.

But what about cases where a quick jump is not enough or when you’ve jumped it one too many times already? Suspicions of faulty batteries can be corroborated by other scenarios such as a cranking engine that fails to start, or there is no cranking at all and no lights. Additionally, if the vehicle keeps starting intermittently, it would be prudent to ask for a diagnosis from a professional.

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