Omega Auto Care Reviews: Filing A Claim

Omega Auto Care Reviews: “Omega makes a great policy; they do exactly what they say they will do. I would recommend this coverage to anybody. I will use Omega for all of my future vehicles. Great people over there!” -Betty Davis, satisfied Omega Auto Care customer

Here at Omega Auto Care, our vehicle repair contracts are designed to provide you with peace of mind. We understand just how much our customers depend on their vehicles. As such, we make sure vehicle repairs are done right away and without leaving a dent on your budget. In fact, many of our customers are pleased to share that their policies have paid for themselves.

Currently, we offer three types of coverage to suit our customers’ needs. Our New Exclusionary coverage is intended for vehicles that are in the current model year + 7 model years, and have less than 100,000 odometer miles. The Used Stated Coverage is for vehicles that are in the current model year + 10 model years, and have less than 150,000 odometer miles. Lastly, the Powertrain Protection is for vehicles that are in the current model year + 15 model years, and have less than 250,000 odometer miles.

Whichever coverage you may have, filing a claim is easy, simple, and straightforward. Generally, the claims process revolves around the following steps.

When your vehicle breaks down, remember to:

1. Protect your vehicle from further damage. Policy owners are required to use all reasonable means to protect their vehicle from further damage. This may require them to stop their vehicle, for example, and call for roadside assistance or have the vehicle towed.

2. Enlist only the help of licensed repair facilities. Here at Omega Auto Care, we require policy owners to take their vehicle to a licensed repair facility, have the licensed repair facility contact us at 877-850-0443 for instructions before any repairs are made.

3. Provide the needed documents. We require policy owners to furnish us or the licensed repair facility with information which we may require. This includes receipts for car rental charges, lodging, meals, and signed service receipts (indicating dates, mileage, and a description of your vehicle) as stipulated in the policy.

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