Omega Auto Care Reviews: Service Repair Contracts and Coverage Options

Omega Auto Care Reviews is a site owned and managed by Omega Auto Care. The purpose of this site is to provide readers and consumers with as much information as possible that could help them decide whether or not to obtain a service repair contract for their vehicle, and which coverage option to get should they choose to do so.

In general, a vehicle repair service contract shoulders the cost of repairs for cars that broke down because of mechanical issues. The scope of coverage (parts and services) mostly depends on the vehicle’s make and model, its age, and mileage. Usually, car owners obtain a service repair contract as an extension to their factory or manufacturer’s limited warranty. A service contract may also be obtained when the manufacturer’s limited warranty has expired. The coverage period can be anywhere between five and ten years, depending on the car owner’s agreement with the service contract provider.

Vehicle repair service contract providers have different coverage options, and while the car owner may not think twice about choosing one over another in their eagerness to immediately obtain a service contract, one is advised to check for additional benefits because this is where the difference lies.

Omega Auto Care Reviews brings you the added benefits of obtaining a service repair contract from Omega:

Roadside assistance from Road America or Auto Knight

  • Towing
  • Flat tire changes using the car owner’s inflated spare tire
  • Jump starts
  • Vehicle fluid delivery (including costs of fluid)
  • Lockout service (including key-cutting costs or replacement)
  • Courtesy phone assistance (up to three calls)
  • Reimbursements of up to $100 per occurrence

Road Hazard Coverage (tire only; available for Exclusionary, Used Stated, and Powertrain coverage holders)


  • Up to $20 on full charges of repair per occurrence
  • Up to $100 for tire replacement; each tire, per occurrence
  • Maximum benefit of up to $400

Rental Car Reimbursement

    Reimbursements from $25 up to $30 per day for a maximum of $125 to $130 per occurrence

Trip Interruption

  • $75 per day for board and lodging, maximum of three days

Trip interruption benefits are for service repair contract holders who were stranded over 100 miles away from home because of a covered car breakdown.

Omega Auto Care may give you a list of hotels that you can check into for the trip interruption benefit. The hotels, however, are recommendations only. The car owner may check into their hotel of choice.

Coverage Option

The above are the additional benefits you can enjoy from an Omega service repair contract. For an overview of coverage options, please continue on below.

New Exclusionary for current model year and seven model years, with registered miles of less than 100,000 at point of purchase

Used Stated for current model year and ten model years, with registered miles of less than 150,000 at point of purchase

Powertrain Protection for cu\rrent model year and 15 model years, with a mileage of less than 250,000. Omega Auto Care offers three levels of coverage for the Powertrain Protection option. Please contact their representative for further details.

If you need more information about benefits and coverage options mentioned here, you may contact Omega Auto Care Reviews directly through this site.