Omega Auto Care Reviews: Car Issues, Maintenance and More

According to a study conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the advanced technology in modern car mechanisms has caused a lot more breakdowns in recent years. Omega Auto Care Reviews brings readers information on car technology, common causes of breakdowns, and tips on how to reduce the risk of exposure to these breakdowns.

Based on records from AAA, 2015 saw a rise in roadside rescues; with the numbers reaching an astounding 32 million rescued drivers over the past year alone. The study concludes that new technology in cars may actually be the reason for the rise in car breakdowns.

If the study is accurate, new technology developed to ease the minds of drivers and provide them with advanced measures for their safety on the road appears to be counterintuitive after all. The study further states that automobiles that are less than five years old experienced more breakdowns compared to older models.

Omega Auto Care Reviews on new technology features causing vehicle breakdowns

One of the most common causes of car breakdowns mentioned in the study by AAA is a dead or flat battery. New car models have now gone keyless, relying instead on electronic ignitions that can drain the battery faster, eventually causing it to expire quicker. In other words, this keyless electronic ignition could shorten battery life.

Apart from a dead or flat battery, another common reason for drivers calling for roadside assistance is a flat tire. Again, this has to do with the latest advancements in car technology. Manufacturers have done away with an inflated spare tire and instead provided car owners with a tire inflator kit. The reason behind the elimination of spare tires is to reduce the load weight on the vehicle and enhance fuel economy.

Unfortunately, tire inflator kits didn’t come in handy for the drivers stranded on the road because of a flat tire.

Keyless entry systems have also caused a fair share of headaches. AAA has also assisted approximately four million drivers the past year who were locked out of their vehicles. With the electronic ignition draining battery life, the drivers had no way of getting inside their vehicles.

Finally, roadside assistance for newer vehicles that broke down didn’t do much as the mechanisms of the newer cars were so complex that only a mechanic from certain repair facilities can accurately assess the problem and work on it accordingly. In other words, towing services were required in more cases.

Omega Auto Care Service Repair Contract

For a lot of Omega’s customers, their service repair contract came in handy when they themselves experienced these kinds of issues. With no repair costs to worry about, and accommodations that can be reimbursed for those who were stranded over 100 miles away from home, the peace of mind accorded them with their service repair contract more than compensated for their troubles on the road.

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